of Chattanooga, TN is offering customers Virtual Reality (VR) products

NoogaSystems of Chattanooga, TN delivers VR Ready PC Packages for VR Ready Gaming PCs and VR Ready Business PCs.  NoogaSystems offers 3 models of VR Ready Gaming Computers:

  • Ruptor-X Gaming PC Bundle (VR Ready)
  • Ruptor Gaming PC (VR Ready)
  • Tectonic Gaming PC (VR Ready)
  • Sorus Gaming PC (VR Ready)


NoogaSystems offers 2 models of VR Ready Computers for business, consumers and gamers:

  • Falcon-1 Mid Tower PC Bundle (VR Ready)
  • Greyhound Mid Tower PC (VR Ready)


NoogaSystems also offers a wide range of VR Accessories:

  • VR Gaming Set & Gaming PC Bundle
  • VR Gaming Sets & Controllers
  • VR Vive Headsets
  • VR Vive Headset Skins
  • VR Vive Controllers
  • VR Vive Controller Skins
  • VR Vive 3-in-1 Cable

NoogaSystems offers a wide range of Gaming PC Accessories:

  • Gaming Stereo Headsets
  • Gaming Controllers
  • Gaming Keyboards
  • Gaming Mouse
  • Gaming Mouse Pads

Don’t forget to check out all our warranty options for all our VR and Gaming products @

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